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Good Morning
On behalf of the Asociaciòn Menorca Britannia I have been asked by the Director of Education of the Island Government (Consell Insular) of Menorca to furnish them with a list of any students in the UK who may wish to participate in exchange visits with students in Menorca The students must be of Secondary School age.

The idea being that students from Menorca to spend time in the UK during the Summer holidays with a reciprocal reverse situation for the British students. This to help both with language skills and their cultural knowledge. For such exchange visits it would be expected the parents to pay the travel costs of their child and would be willing to supply accommodation and meals within their homes for the visiting students.

The official organisation and administration of these exchanges would be controlled by the Department of Education in Menorca. However I have been asked to make the first contact to ascertain interest and, therefore, in the first instance Parents, Grandparents and Schools who may be interested should direct their replies via this e-mail address. This should give name/s, age and sex of potential participants and a return e-mail address. I will then pass these to the Director of Education whose department will advance the situation from there.

Please note that the Summer School Holidays in Menorca run from the middle of June until September.

This is, we think, a wonderful opportunity for your teenagers to broaden their horizons and enjoy some time in Menorca and vice-versa.

I look forward to receiving details from you as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely
Bryce Lyons
Asòciacion Menorca Britannia

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