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Since the news letter of last February so much has been happening behind the scenes of which some of you may not be aware and so we offer this resume of things past and what to look forward to during the forthcoming months.

English Language School Volunteers
Wow! Everyone, Elena Serra, the coordinator of foreign languages at the Department of Education, the head teachers, teachers and the volunteers themselves are simply raving about how successful this is. I am being stopped in the street by volunteers saying how delightful and fulfilling the working with the children is. With almost 30 regular volunteers spending several hours a week in their chosen schools the majority of the primary schools on Menorca are being covered. There are some gaps however and in-balances that need addressing. For instance two of our members in Ciutadella are covering 3 schools whilst there are as many as 8 members working at the Ruiz y Pablo School in Es Castell. This highlights the need for more volunteers especially in the west. If there any of you who are willing to dedicate a few hours every week on a regular basis for this worthy cause then we will be delighted to hear from you. To you all already beavering away on this fantastic initiative – we say a big THANK YOU.

Twinning with British schools
The link between CP Antoni Juan in Mahón and the Collingwood Primary School in North Shields is now well established. Sheila and I spent a very interesting day when we visited the Collingwood Primary School during March at the invitation of James Crinson the headmaster. We presented collage of photos and messages prepared by the pupils here and they presented a similar offering to us to bring back for Antoni Juan. This was followed by a question and answer session. It was lovely to walk into the assembly hall with all the children seated on the floor to be greeted by about 300 voices shouting “hola”.

The link between the La Salle of Mahón and the King Edward VI School in Morpeth ( which has been in operation since being arranged following the Collingwood Commemoration in 2010 is proving successful and a visit to Menorca by a group of students from Morpeth is being arranged for October.

A letter inviting other British primary schools to link is ready to be sent but we have delayed as we are still awaiting details from some members who have promised to provide us with details of their elected schools in the UK.

This letter must now be sent with some urgency and therefore your cooperation in giving us these details without delay will be appreciated. We require the name of the school, Headmaster/mistress name and e-mail address. Postal address, website and other details of the school would be helpful to enable Elena to choose a compatible school here.

We are starting to organise the concert venues for a visit being made next spring of the choir of the Royal Russel School from Croydon ( ) and we are presently liaising with the schools Director of Music.

The 4 venues being arranged around the island includes the Sta Maria Church in Mahón where Tomé Olives has agreed to accompany them on the magnificent organ.

The possible twinning of Mahón and Es Castell with North Tyneside Borough and the town of Morpeth.
On behalf of the Mayors of Mahón and Es Castell we are trying to broker a formal twinning between the four towns. There are several mutual cultural and historic facts that make the idea interesting to all parties. Namely-- Admiral Collingwood, born Newcastle, lived Morpeth and later Tyneside. The organ in the Sta. Maria Church, and the Vickers cannons at La Mola and previously those at Favoritx and Llucalari manufactured on Tyneside.

On their behalf we have prepared letters of invitation and intent in order to introduce the parties and have offered any help they may need to achieve this vision. We will keep you posted with developments

British doctors working at Mateo Orfila Hospital.
Late last year we received an e-mail through the Menorca Britannia website via Steve Crampton, and his website Menorca the Guide ( from a young student doctor, Ben Perry, who wished to carry out his Medical Elective at the Mateo Orfila in Mahón Obviously with Alberto Gil as our Vice president, and being a surgeon at the hospital, it was left to him to negotiate with the hospital directors.

At the present time we not only have Ben but also two of his colleagues from the London Medical School doing their 6 week elective at Mateo Orfila, receiving practical training and comparing the practises here with the UK. We hope an arrangement can be made for everyone to meet with them before their return to UK at the beginning of June.

Mahon, Town Hall Clock
Overtures have been made to Menorca Britannia about maintenance of this British clock brought across during the 18th century. More information is required before we are in a position to report to members as to what is envisaged and entailed and for this reason Alberto and I are proposing a meeting with the relevant persons in Mahon. We have given an indication of our interest however subject to receiving this further information.

You should have already received details of ---

The Short Colourful Event every first Sunday of the month Organised by Ayuntamiento of Es Castell in which 4 Menorca Britannia members are acting as flag bearers. The next on June 2nd at 12.00 noon.

The Jeep Safari on Saturday 8th June
The Menorca Britannia Summer Ball on Saturday 15th June at Monte Toro
We will shortly be distributing details of— The AGM, date to be fixed, towards the end of June
Car Treasure Hunt to be held on 30th June.
Fiesta del Carmen Saturday 13th July. (We have booked the Yellow Catamaran again)

Annual Subscriptions
Many of you have been in touch regarding the renewal of subscriptions and we thank you for this. Subscriptions are all due during the month of June and we will send full details of payment method etc. within the next few days.

All present membership cards will become invalid on the last day of June and should be destroyed. New cards will be issued to everyone on receipt of the 2013/14 subscription.

Live Web Cam
We are installing a live Web Cam overlooking Calas Fons which will be able to be viewed on both the Menorca Britannia website and also on Steve Crampton’s Menorca The Guide . We hope to have this up and running in the next few days so that you, your families and friends will be able to see exactly what the weathers doing!!

That’s it for now but keep looking at the website on a weekly basis for any information updates.

Best regards
See you soon
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