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Sunday November 4th

Our conducted a tour of La Mola

This was by a special request from members who had late season visiting friends and to fulfil a promise to those members who had not had a previous opportunity to visit due to work commitments. This long walking tour covered the history from the original British Ann’s Fort through the magnificent galleries of the Fortress of Isabell II, the Hornebeque along the amazing Loop Hole Gallery to admire the fantastic 19th, century feat of engineering. Above ground once more we stopped and heard the tragic stories of the Spanish Civil War at the infamous Military Prison. Onwards and up and this time stopping to visit inside the newly refurbished Queens Powder Room, on the way to the Vickers guns. With keys in hand we visited the underground power plant, the magazine and projectile room before our final destination at Menorca’s most south easterly point and inside the cannon itself. With time for details, many stories, with fabulous weather and great photo opportunities, a very successful morning.

La Mola Menorca

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