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 Email Address/dirección de correo electrónico:
 Email Address/dirección de correo electrónico:

Please include as much information here as you can
so we can deal accurately with your enquiry, Thank You.

Por favor, incluya tanta información como sea posible
para que podamos responder a su pregunta, Gracias.


With the increasing membership of Menorca Britannia and the numerous members with the same or similar Christian names (and some surnames too) which is causing some confusion. It would therefore be helpful if you would follow the following simple procedure when contacting us by phone or e-mail. Especially with recorded messages and as the Membership Register is in numerical order this will give a better and faster service to all our members and will distinguish you from other callers. We receive many recorded calls daily without a message. which can be very frustrating. We are sorry but we do have to be out at work most days.

As well as your NAME please give your MEMBERSHIP NUMBER on/in all communications. When you leave a recorded message on the telephone, as well as the above, please also leave your telephone number so that a return call can be made without delay.

It is very frustrating and time consuming to trace such callers to ensure that the person is a member, or not.

We thank you for your co-operation in, hopefully, making life a little easier for us.

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All annual subscription are renewable in June each year.

La cuota anual para las parejas es de 48€, (reducir cada mes)

La cuota anual para individuales es de 24€, (reducir cada mes)

The annual fee for couples is 48€, (reducing monthly)

The annual fee for singles is 24€, (reducing monthly)

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Yo/nosotros quierer que asociarse del Asociación Menorca Britannia y estar de acuerdo a pagar directo al Banca March,  Sant Lluis A la cuenta Menorca Britanniaa No.0061 0239 41 0022100118/Quota/Nombre, en efectivo o por debito directo (no se aceptan cheques)

I/We wish to join the Association Menorca Britannia and agree to pay direct to the Banca March, Sant Lluis
Account--Menorca Britannia No. 0061 0239 41 0022100118/Quota/Name either by cash or direct debit (we do not accept cheques)

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