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Asociacion Menorca Britannia School volunteers

We are sure that most readers of Roqueta will be aware that the Asociacion Menorca Britannia has many members who are volunteers in various schools around the Island. They are giving a morning or two each week helping the English language teachers in various ways to encourage the pupils to have a better understanding and increased confidence of speaking English. One such member is Shelagh Archer who, although she is not a full time resident of Menorca, when she is regularly here at her apartment in Es Castell spends a couple of days per week volunteering at the CEIP Mateo Fontirroig school in Mahón. It is wonderful to be able to pass on the following in Shelagh·s own words and it is a privilege that this Asociación has so many such members.

Quote “We are very lucky to be able to spend several months a year in Menorca. Being members of Menorca Britannia has enriched our experience of the island and increased our circle of friends, both British and Menorcan.

As a teaching assistant in the UK with an interest in languages, I was keen to join the volunteers who Menorca Britannia places to assist the English language teachers in schools here in Menorca. I have been made very welcome at CEIP Mateu Fontirroig.

A teacher who I worked with at the school, Nuria Quintana Fortuny, subsequently completed a year's course which enabled her to obtain one of the very few teacher of English vacancies on the island this year, at CEIP Margalida Florit. We have kept in touch and when she expressed a wish to experience life and language teaching in an English school, I decided to see if I could make her wish a reality. As a result, she is going to be hosted by a school in the centre of Nottingham for two weeks in the summer. I am sure that as well as it being a useful experience for her, the school will appreciate her input in their Spanish lessons and Spanish after-school club.” 

I hope this in some small way contributes to Menorca Britannia's ethos of..."strengthening the historically close relationships enjoyed by the Menorquins and the British residents and visitors."

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