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February, 2014

Dear Members and Friends.

School Volunteers,

Once again Polly and Steve Morgan, Jane and Michael Cannon, Denise Crampton, Joke Pierce, and Sue Evans assisted by friends, arranged a wonderful Christmas treat for the pupils of the Antoni Juan Alemany primary school in Mahón. From all the reports and feed-back they managed to surpass the enormously successful event held in December of 2012. A huge amount of preparatory work was done producing the decorative material for the tree and the various goodies consumed with gusto by the pupils. However, the generous donations of materials from friends and non-members of this association must be mentioned as without these, such success would not have been possible.
To you all, a big thank you for giving so generously of your time and ideas.

I would also like to pay personal tribute to all those who are giving freely of their time in the various schools around the Island.

The initiative started by Menorca Britannia together with Elena Serra of the CEP last year using native English speaking people to help the English language teachers proved very popular with many head teachers and is now much appreciated. Although we do not, so far, have enough volunteers to cover all the requests for help it is nice to record that we are now able to cover many more schools than last year as many more members of Menorca Britannia and other organisations have now joined the initiative.

From the latest available information the following should be mentioned together with the schools at which they help.----

Susan Evans 
Diane Carter 
Brenda Hyatt  
Jill & Roy Sutherland 
Jayne Cannon 
Margaret Thomas Adams
Fiona & Andrew Collins
Muriel Chad 
Geoff Chad 
Sally & Ian Isaac  
Polly & Steve Morgan   
Katey Morton   
Alan & Gerry Doggett 
Dianne & Hayley Alflatt 
Carol Weston     
CEIP Francesc d’Albranca
CEIP Mare de Déu de Gràcia
CEIP Mare de Déu del Toro
CEP Sant Lluis
CEIP Angel Ruiz y Pablo
CEIP Angel Ruiz y Pablo
IES Biel Marti
CEIP Tramontana
CEIP Angel Ruiz y Pablo
CC Calós
CEIP Antoni Juan Alemany
CEIP Antoni Juan Alemany and Mare de Déu de Gràcia
CEIP Angel Ruiz y Pablo


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