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The shaded area shows aproximate size when Alfonso III took Menorca in 1287)

Mahon a 1535 map


1287 Alfonso III of Aragon takes Menorca from the moors.
1288 Start construction of the original Church of Sta. Maria.
1535 Sacking of Mahón by Barbarrosa New defence walls started to be re-established.

1628 Founding of Convent of Conception using old castle walls.
1644 Town starts to expand outwards to new boundaries.
1690 Founding of Convent of Carmen.
1696 First ware-house built on harbour side.

1708 British arrival and work on the naval arsenal commences.
1713 Construction starts of a new road from St Philips Castle to Ciutadella, through Mahón. Todays Cami d’es  Castell, previously Cami d’enKane.
1721 Richard Kane transfers capital from Ciutadella to Mahón
Transfers meat &fish markets to outside old walls Reforms Portal del Mar & Portal de Hannover Construction starts on
Royal Hannover Street - c/Ses Moreres George Street - c/Sant Jordi.
1724 Richard Kane orders the transfer of the Naval    Base to the opposite side and work commences.
1725 Works starts on the demolition of the city walls To allow for urban expansion.
1748 Complete reconstruction of Church of Santa Maria over the top of the existing— Completed in 1788.
1750 Start of construction of Church and Convent of Carmen
1765 Construction of Military Barracks and Parade square (now Plaza Esplanada)
1766 Work commences on Royal Naval HQ on Isla Pinto.
1785 Construction of Principal de Guardia.
         New facade to Ayuntamiento.
         Reconstruction of Aduana.
         New cemetery of Gracia on green field site.

1809 Organ arrives for Sta. Maria Church.
1829 Theatre Principal completed on site of old Bastion Grande.
1848 Installation of Gas lamps to streets.
1856 Industrial Maonesa de Teixits in Cala Figuera opens and operates until 1911.
1868 Purpose built Fish Market opens.
1884 Transfer of Fruit and vegetable market to Cloisters of Carmen.
1892 Electricity arrives. Power station inaugurated.

1915 Santiago barracks built.
1916 New post office opens.
1918 The butchers are moved to Cloisters of Carmen.
1922 Plaza Miranda is constructed on the old convent gardens.
1925 Concession given for the selling of petrol. 3 sites, the first in front of the Sta. Maria Church.
1930 demolition of the Bastion of St. Roc to form new Square.
1936 Civil War—much aerial bombing towards the end to With considerable damage to private houses.
1939 Theatre Principal. Sa Graduada, the fish market, Cloisters de Carmen and the Naval Base.
1939/1943 Demolition of Costa Baixamar and Costa Vella.
1942/1944 Demolition of the houses of the slum area behind the Sta. Maria Church to form the Plaza Conquista. Statue of Alfons III, inaugurated In 1950 when General Franco visited the city.
1944  Military cease using the parade square & handed Over  to the Ayuntamiento  as the Plaza Esplanada.
1956 Hotel Port Mahon inaugurated.



Demolition of slums behind
Sta. Maria Church

Statue of Alfons III
In original position
Unveiled in 1950

Costa Baixamar and Costa Vella
before demolition in 1942 to 1944

Bastion de Sant Roque before & during demolition 1930

<- Arc de Sant Roque, the only remaining
part of the old city wall & Plaza Bastion
after demolition in 1930

Plaza de Armas y cuartel built in 1765
Todays Plaza Esplanada

MAP OF MAHÓN of 18th Century
With plans of 3 of the main gates


The only gateway still existing, now called
Arc de Sant Roque

Erected as the main entrance from St. Felipe when Cami d’en Kane was constructed

Entrance to town from Harbour Demolished in the year 1800

Ses Voltes before and after bomb damage 1938

Fish Market inaugurated in 1868
Badly damaged by bombing in i938

Plaza de Pescadores before its reconstruction

Plan of original 1939 project to reform
Costa de Ses Voltes
By the Municipal Architect Josep Claret i Rubira

The old houses, some badly damaged during bombing of Civil War are purchased by town council in 1941 and it takes about 3 years in phases for the demolition of these.
Works starts on the ambitious construction of Ses Voltes
in the year 1945

Work under way on the construction of Ses Voltes and the Parque Rochina. Completed and inaugurated in 1951

Plaza Miranda constructed on the site of the vegetable gardens of the Convent of Carmen

Interesting and miscellaneous photographs of the past

First autobus Mahón to Ciutadella---Steam powered

Isla Rata dynamited to free longer landing and takeoff space for seaplanes based at Naval Base

Petrol pumps installed in Plaza Constitucion
Concessions given for three sites in Mahón,

Cala Figuera
“Maonesa de Teixits”
Textile Factory operating from
1856 until 1911

The Plaza Esplanada,  showing first landscaping following acquisition by Ayuntamiento

Compiled for Asociación Menorca Britannia
Bryce Lyons                                           April 2013




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